Since its inception, the Mike Curb Foundation 501 (c)(3) has provided grants and gifts totaling more than $100 million in support of education, historic preservation, homelessness and a wide range of services in communities associated with Curb enterprises. Through lead gifts to major projects, the Foundation has exemplified Mike Curb’s determination to both give and inspire giving by others. Supported by contributions and by earnings from one of the nation’s largest independent music company – Curb Records – the Foundation advances the charitable spirit of America’s entertainment industry. Today, while maintaining its focus on education, cultural policy, museums and historic sites, the MCF is advancing new partnerships, addressing discrimination in all forms and the needs of underserved populations including the homeless.

Over 20 Years
Over 100 Active projects
Over $150M Given


Communities in which all people can attain a high quality of life through access to housing, nutrition, health care, employment, education, and culture.


The mission of the Mike Curb Foundation is to advance the philanthropic objectives of music industry entrepreneur Mike Curb. To this end, the Foundation will partner with government, community leaders, and other nonprofit organizations to serve the needs of marginalized people. We will strive to provide a high quality of life for all by ending homelessness and hunger, enhancing health, building horizons of meaning and opportunity through education and through the preservation of cultural heritage. Our objective is to participate in programs that are scalable, replicable, and produce tangible results.

Mike Curb (publicity photo)


Below are a few of our active, nationwide projects which includes Mike Curb Foundation projects and other Curb-related charitable projects


The Mike Curb Foundation supports a select group of preeminent nonprofit organizations and social-service agencies in Nashville, Tennessee, Los Angeles, California, and other Curb-related communities. All grant inquiries and applications for funding are “by invitation only.” We regret that the Foundation is unable to respond to unsolicited requests.