Mike Curb Biography

Mike Curb has combined musical talent, business acumen, and an intense work ethic to build a long and successful career touching music, government, and motorsports.  At the center of Mike Curb’s story is Curb Records and its affiliated entertainment properties.  Founded in 1963 when Mike was still a teenager, Curb is today one of the largest independent record labels in the world, featuring stars like Tim McGraw, LeAnn Rimes, Lee Brice, Wynonna, Filmore, Rodney Atkins, Dylan Scott, and for King and Country – a contemporary roster backed up by a vast catalog of legendary recordings by hundreds of performers in the country, gospel, and pop music fields.  Thanks to Mike and his team, Curb companies have successfully navigated the many challenges facing the music business in the 21st century, insuring that Curb Records will remain a powerhouse for decades to come.

And there’s more to Mike than music.  Following early success as a performer, songwriter, and recording executive, at mid-career Curb stepped away from the industry, turning his attention to government and elective politics.  Encouraged by Ronald Reagan, he campaigned for the post of Lieutenant Governor of California and in 1978 was elected to a four-year term.  After prevailing in a major legal decision regarding responsibilities of an Acting Governor (ultimately decided by the California State Supreme Court), Curb became Acting Governor.  In that role he advanced legislation, signed bills, collaborated with cabinet officials and state legislators, earning a reputation as a leader capable of employing skilled negotiation and compromise to advance good government and a high quality of life for all Californians.

In 1984, Curb returned to the music business full-time and again expanded his portfolio of passions, kicking off what would become a long-term engagement with motorsports.  As in other endeavors, Mike’s commitment to racing produced notable successes.  Over nearly four decades, the Curb owner and sponsor brand would grace the winners’ circle at every level of racing, including wins at NASCAR’s famed Daytona circuit, and first-place finishes at the legendary Indianapolis 500.

Exposed at an early age to his immigrant grandmother’s commitment to family and to community, it was inevitable that with success Mike would devote time and resources to education and to programs enhancing quality of life in the many locales where Curb professionals live and work.


As Mike’s commitment to giving grew, the Mike Curb Foundation was established, first targeting grantmaking in higher education and museums and historic preservation projects linked to the history of American music.  More recently, while maintaining its commitment to earlier initiatives, the MCF has increasingly focused on early childhood education, homelessness, and the needs of marginalized and underserved populations in Curb-connected communities.


Through achievements in music, government, motorsports and community service, Mike Curb’s leadership has truly made a difference.  Above all, by demonstrating the importance of hard work, artistic sensibility, and generosity, his career stands as a role model for all who seek success in America’s creative industries.